Pokkén Tournament DX Walkthrough Part 1 | Green League (Decidueye Gameplay) Nintendo Switch

Pokkén Tournament DX



Pokkén Tournament DX Walkthrough with No Commentary Switch Gameplay. This walkthrough includes the whole story with all leagues, bosses, the final boss and the ending of the game. ►POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX - WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: https://goo.gl/pnrDZ5 ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/beardbaer ►Game Informations: ▪ Title: Pokkén Tournament DX ▪ Developer: Bandai Namco ▪ Publisher: The Pokémon Company ▪ Platform: Nintendo Switch ▪ Gerne: Fighting ▪ Playtime: 8+ hours


Mohd Akmal Hakim Aquilani e 2019-12-05T09:37:20.000Z

someone 2019?

Mohd Akmal Hakim Aquilani e 2019-12-05T09:35:23.000Z

...y is this guy cant talk and can u do a face reaveal plzzzzzzzzzzz...plzzzzzzz

Gold Wolf 2019-11-21T16:48:23.000Z

I don't know why but this intro kinda reminds me of Super Mario Bros Z.

Matthew Becerra 2019-08-07T00:44:34.000Z

I really need to get this game

LeShauntaeSneed 2019-07-18T01:32:47.000Z

I was wondering why I wasn't subscribed to you already, LOL

W3475ter Weird name probably 2019-06-16T14:59:39.000Z

This is probably what happens when we actually battle in the normal Pokémon games but the game doesn’t show us

EmoWolfy666 2019-04-08T01:19:15.000Z

Don’t know why, but I’ve always seen Lucario and Mewtwo as rivals for some odd reason

EvP Zoid 2019-02-17T08:04:02.000Z

has anyone noticed that decidueye has glasses?

eldi fauzi 2018-10-20T09:35:41.000Z

link game

JJW 2018-10-19T05:42:49.000Z