The Rescue Gold Medal No Commentary | Frozen Synapse Prime PC Gameplay Walkthrough

Frozen Synapse Prime

2014-11-16 00:03:23 en 0


Here is my walkthrough/playthrough of Frozen Synapse Prime for the PC. I provide light commentary in the way of educational and game design choices and impressions. This playlist will be going through the story campaign missions. I will be providing strategies for getting 3 stars on each mission as well. Please like, share, comment and follow. Twitter - Youtube - Twitch - Facebook - A Reimagined Frozen Synapse Experience Take on the role of Tactics in a brand new Frozen Synapse experience. Lead a rebel faction to overthrow a powerful corporation controlling the city of Markov Geist. Control an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers - From shotgunners and snipers, to grenadiers and machine-gunners in the ultimate turn-based strategy game. Plot paths and issue orders to your units, test your plans and predict your opponent i...