Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Gameplay Part 1

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix

2011-12-07 HD 00:10:38 en 3.201



Clementino Gisondi 2014-02-06T01:19:12.000Z

their style was not shotokan. i see the TKD and judo but i don't see shotokan. i see karate but shotokan isn't really that. it's just a street fighting karate style right so it must be kyokushinkai. either way it's ansatsuken 

charlieprince310 2011-12-07T18:31:41.000Z


Durag92 2011-12-07T17:34:10.000Z

@charlieprince310 lol alright.. i have part 2 of this video and part 2 of another mk9 video against some guy.. i'll upload 1 tonight if possible :)

charlieprince310 2011-12-07T17:29:09.000Z

lol more ssf2hdr and mk9 would be great. i actually like hdr more ae. i guess its because im a 80 baby and i like to keep it ol-school XD

Durag92 2011-12-07T15:41:10.000Z

@charlieprince310 haha yeah me to man. i was playing this game for a good few hours with my mate. he's a beast at sf2.. erm do you have any requests of certain fighting game footage you would like me to upload etc

charlieprince310 2011-12-07T05:32:05.000Z

I love this game too.. cool upload