Street Fighter Alpha Warriors' Dreams: Ryu Playthrough

Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams

2010-12-17 HD 00:13:35 en 36.977


Thought I'd take a break from mugen for a minute and play the game that started the greatest fighting series EVAR; Street Fighter Alpha 1! Using my favorite fighting character Ryu. Enjoy as I go through a nearly Perfect run until I meet up with Sagat the Faggot. God I hate that bitch so FUCKING much! Anyways, enjoy! Played on: Winkawaks


FaZe mitko 2019-03-23T19:28:51.000Z

cool game

Freddyroodoo 2018-09-12T03:08:04.000Z

i remember playing this on gametap

Jhone Jhone 2018-08-12T16:46:51.000Z

Dahora ssssss

RodConvoy1987 2017-12-16T03:01:05.000Z

At what time between SF1 and SF2 do these Alpha games take place in?

Ken Masters 2017-11-28T15:17:25.000Z

Capcom should've called this game "Street Fighter 1.5"

Kerim Gürel 2017-09-17T20:42:27.000Z

young ryu

Sanni Pihlaja 2017-07-15T20:07:00.000Z

I have all the street fighter alpha games but I suck at them :(

David Laush 2016-01-13T02:36:52.000Z

Where can I view the before fight talks between characters? Or is that not a thing? I always assumed the characters said something to each other before a fight then again I've never played Street Fighter before (Which I'm working on!).

I'm a ghost. 2015-11-03T19:36:20.000Z

is this a remake of alpha 2?

ChillManStudios 2015-02-24T17:07:16.000Z

Never have I seen Ryu take down a Mad Gear member.