Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting Ken No lost rounds + special ending

Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting

2011-06-21 00:14:14 RECORD en 43.450


Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting gameplay at maximum difficulty


michig911 2019-07-20T09:14:29.000Z

Ken fucked up at the end. He got married

Ddd Fff 2018-09-08T14:46:42.000Z

ken Marburg

aka killah 2018-06-24T06:58:31.000Z

does anyone know if there is a turbo switch so you can fight quicker just like snes versión???

Anthony Jones 2018-02-19T05:35:20.000Z

This game is the bomb

Celine Senden 2017-10-01T14:05:59.000Z

Amazing im bad in this game i like super street fighter 2 turbo 😄😍and the music its amazing 💘💘🕪🔊🕪🔊🕪🔊🎵🎵🎵🤘🎵🎵💖

SHINBAXTER 2017-09-25T22:16:21.000Z


JM#1 2016-10-14T23:49:21.000Z

Where exactly do you show us that you're playing on the hardest difficulty? I've played the SNES version countless times and this seems far too easy in comparison.

Dylan 2015-01-27T05:30:59.000Z

I'd like to see you play on an actual Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (Turbo) arcade machine. Rules out the chance of rapid fire (assigning a number of keys in sequence to one single button). Also, the gameplay seems too fast to be Hyper Fighting, unless it's the emulator. Could you do another video using either the World or USA ROM set, all of the opponents in the Japan version seem to just "cop" any Shoryuken "Dragon Punch" unless the difficulty wasn't set to 7....

MightyR.D.B 2014-10-18T02:22:20.000Z

Sagat had the best and smooth uppercut in the Game. 

damian auksorius 2014-05-19T02:37:55.000Z

hi my name is damien auksorius ,,, i always choose either ken or ryu ,, once you master all their moves you can complete the whole game with ease