SNES Longplay [027] R-Type III: The Third Lightning

R-Type III


Description Played By: T-0815 Longplay normal and advanced mode. (32:51) I used the japan version. All other versions are a little bit "censored" ! ;)


Jackamomo 2020-01-23T20:43:44.000Z

This music. Is. Just. Unlistenable.

Bloodreign1 2019-12-07T12:20:50.000Z

The better SNES R-Type game, none of the issues that plagued Super R-Type rear their ugly heads here.

Dan0101010101010 2019-10-24T05:42:20.000Z

is super r type after 3?

jimbones0 2019-09-21T00:10:34.000Z

We desperately need this game on the switch SNES app just for the rewind feature. I beat this game on the Wii VC and it was haaaaaaaaaaard.

明石恵 2019-02-20T01:58:54.000Z


edvaldo santos 2019-01-06T19:36:48.000Z

Essa navinha parece a cabeça do half o è teimoso :-)

edvaldo santos 2019-01-06T19:34:46.000Z

Isso é tas ou cheat de invensibilidade ?? , porque reparem no momento 39:45 da pra ver o ácido verde atingindo a nave e era pra ter perdido uma vida , é só colocar nesse momento em câmera lenta o vídeo que vocês iram ver !!!

Max Rockatansky 2018-11-25T17:08:33.000Z

This game is so BAD ASS!!!

MiseryMiseryMisery 2018-07-28T23:16:51.000Z

So apparently the person who composed this game also composed Pokemon Snap!

...Aaand that's it, those are their only two composing credits ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ryan Krakinski 2018-06-16T13:02:29.000Z

200th comment.