Ori And The Blind Forest Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD] - No Commentary

Ori and The Blind Forest

2015-03-09 HD 00:27:34 en 177.494


Ori And The Blind Forest


Annihilation 2017-12-02T01:59:35.000Z

I just started playing this game it’s so incredibly awesome

Ezra Sky 2017-06-18T08:52:19.000Z

What a masterpiece.

Chelsea Peterson 2017-06-13T07:44:15.000Z

again this is not a walk through.... its a playthrough.

Chelsea Peterson 2017-06-13T07:46:38.000Z

so sad !

the game play reminds me of zelda..

Elyse Lecoq 2017-06-07T10:26:07.000Z

that story make me cry 😢

jonh tonna 2017-02-12T22:36:38.000Z

is it worth getting xbox for this and forza?

Big THE FURT 2017-01-24T11:52:00.000Z

best game ever…

Mustafa Adil Othman 2016-08-23T08:02:39.000Z

This Game Means A LOT to me!

Craze Amaze 2016-08-01T23:53:08.000Z

This type of gameplay is perfect for when I want to show my parents a cool video game without a bunch of cussing in the background.

Milk's No. 1 Fan 2016-08-01T22:26:54.000Z

Naru looks like Baymax and Bard mix together with a bit of black and it looks really cute and cool!