Ori and the Blind Forest Gameplay First Mission TGS 2014

Ori and The Blind Forest

2014-09-18 HD 00:10:04 en 150.024




Xion Kale 2015-05-25T04:15:12.000Z

she looks a lot like Baymax

Bunny 2015-05-11T14:47:22.000Z


Flibberti Gibbet 2015-04-24T00:05:21.000Z

6:40, i had to cry so bad

Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovosky 2015-04-08T01:26:37.000Z

Ori's adopted parent looks sorta like Bamax from Big Hero 6.

Md Nazial Kadir 2015-04-03T21:26:29.000Z


P B 2015-04-03T20:18:10.000Z

The only inconvenience, it`s the very unpleasant voice of the man who destroyed the mood :/

Kiddo 2015-03-15T16:14:57.000Z

Can someone help me I tried to play the game but when I go to start up it says to press any key  when I do that nothing shows up after.. the music and background is still playing but its not showing me "start new game" etc.__. thanks for any help

Giovanni Aguilar 2015-03-14T16:43:41.000Z

Thanks... now i´m sad u.u

Omega 2015-03-14T00:58:52.000Z

I had to punch a wall just to feel manly again.

Cameron Vanesse 2015-03-13T22:29:47.000Z

Not sure how this was gameplay. Showing a child losing a parent figure is always tear inducing.