Gauntlet - NES Gameplay




Natural gameplay with no commentary; not intended as a strategy guide or any sort of skill demonstration. The purpose of the NESguide project is primarily to document the games of the NES... their design, graphics and sound. We've been on YouTube since 2007; the infancy of online video sharing. Thus, some of our videos are not the best quality. We're currently working on updating them to higher quality. These videos will never be monetized by us. If you see an advertisement on any of our videos, it's because a copyright claimant put it there. Similarly, if the sound is missing... sadly, that also happens sometimes due to copyright issues. In order to focus on the actual work involved in the revitalization of this project, we have essentially gone dark on all social media as of early 2017. This includes our YouTube comment sections being disabled as well for the time being. Sorry about that. All of our videos are open for re-use in your own video productions under the Creative Com...