Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Wii) on Dolphin Wii/GC Emulator 720p HD | Full Speed

Project Zero 4: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

2010-02-03 00:06:30 en 78.848


Fatal Frame 4 running on Dolphin emulator. Game seems to run well, no glitches or speed drops mentioned so far. Sound works nicely and controls are perfect. This game is fully playable. Used real Wiimote & Nunchuck. Game's max FPS is usually 30, but with Fraps recording max FPS became 15. Game still runs at full speed though. System Specs: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9505 2.83 GHz 4GB RAM DDR2 800 MHz Geforce 9800GT 512Mb 320GB HDD Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Software used: Dolphin SVN R5000 Fraps v3.0.1 Windows Live Movie Maker I hope you enjoy my videos and, if you really like them, subscribe :) Enjoy and rate ~nosound97 ---------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All material featured in this video is owned by Nintendo/SEGA and their rightful owners. We do not claim ownership of any material shown in this video.


Carl Jhon 2016-09-08T03:35:26.000Z

how to up n down the view camera?

GenkiXS 2015-11-14T04:57:40.000Z

Full speed? HA

Jonathan Nevarez 2015-10-04T07:49:34.000Z

Where can we get the game?

Archerxtreme 2015-06-29T16:46:34.000Z

I've been a fan of the series right from the beginning, but the recent WII releases and Fatal Frame 4 not being localized has had me frustrated since i dont have the console. Could you give some info on how you got it to work? I also happened to find a a torrent that describes it as the game image with english patch loaded on it. Is that what you use? or could you just me a crash course on what you did using the Dolphin emulator?

eduardo tabaniera 2015-04-02T02:36:39.000Z

what is the config of your controler?im using dholphine 4.0 while im using my camera i cant view in up.. and down view? all i can do is left and right only..pls help?

Marcos Zaldivar 2015-03-15T00:18:42.000Z

to shake with the mouse you have to click the scroll button or wheel if your mouse have it 

Wade D McGinnis 2015-02-03T07:37:26.000Z

What does your controller config look like?

PlayerOne 2014-09-14T12:34:31.000Z

any one have any advice how to complete piano play part (have to press keys in order and without stoping) but its just impossible with joystic.

Danca - Papa 2014-07-06T16:26:45.000Z

Hi. I would just like to ask where did you get the game? Is it you who patched it for yourself or is this an already patched iso?(I assume it's an iso xD) Because how I can see the loading screen is in english as well, but in what I got, the loading screens are still in japanies. Thanks for the reply   

natalie henson 2014-02-12T02:53:50.000Z

some people watch games like this on you tube because they don't have the game or the games system yet. you would think on the you would go a little slower on the things that need to be read. you don't give people time to even pause it to read the book an letter you find. just saying.