Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome - 1v7 Hard CPU's (Longplay)

Age of Empires

2013-06-14 00:57:31 en 259.850


Thank you for watching my video, I recommend watching in 1080p. I am not pro at this game, but I can play 1v7 CPU's easy. The difficulty of them is "Hard" I may step it up to "Hardest" in another video! Let me know what you think. Support Upatch for Age of Empires 1! Join Voobly today: Have a better online gaming experience than with any other Age of Empires client, play for fun or competitively! LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE:


Mateo Leonardo Ragusi 2018-11-15T12:28:27.000Z

Hard IA??? is easy IA jajjaja

Coffee Jack 2018-10-22T13:56:02.000Z

I don't care if the cpu whoops my ass in this game, it's still my favorite AOE!.

Turpijač Mozga 2018-07-13T12:24:22.000Z

How you record AOE?

GAMEBOY 64 2018-07-03T13:26:05.000Z

You know,I only use 10-15 villagers just because I want more space for troops.Now I see how having a bunch of villagers are useful but what are they going to do against a war elephant?

XrackProject 2018-06-30T17:20:30.000Z

Finally a gameplay with max population of 50 and a covered map at the beginning. I hope I can find an other gameplay of yours in hardest difficulty? :-) Thanks for sharing this! :)

Magistross 2018-06-22T04:24:34.000Z

Scythe chariots were definitely the most OP unit of the game. Coupled with the Egyptian civilization (+33% all chariots health), you definitely had it easy. :P

Ty Nguyen 2018-06-08T06:12:51.000Z

I wish they make a version for Windows 7,8, and 10 so I can play again

Smegma Lasagna 2018-05-17T17:19:49.000Z

I like the part where they said Olalmars

Nothing for Granted 2018-05-13T03:22:36.000Z


SANGWA Emmanuel 2018-05-07T18:58:59.000Z

How can i buy this games dear?